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“When Enchanted Forest Theme Park needs voice overs, we go to Bentley Michaels. He is fun, creative, easy to work with and incredibly versatile. He has given us great announcer voices, character voices for a goofy giant, an innocent young boy, a rough old man and much more…and the guy can sing!”

Susan Vaslev
Artistic Director
Enchanted Forest Theme Park

“We recently had a rush job for a public service announcement for the San Diego zoo global wildlife conservancy. We were looking for a walrus voice over and we were blown away after hearing Bentley’s submission. He submitted 8 very distinct voices that were all so good that we had a hard time singling one out. Working with Bentley was a pleasure, his professionalism and sensitivity for this project was refreshing and he even contributed to the script. We hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future. Great Job!”

Howard Hill
KHZ Productions

“We hired Bentley to narrate an hour long historical documentary and were thrilled with the results. His ability to match the content’s tone was not just effective, it enhanced the quality of the production.  In addition to his talent, his work ethic and professionalism is to be admired.”

Rafael Moscatel
Little Girl Big Productions 

“I contacted Bentley last minute with a request to score my seven minute long short called “These are the Times.” I couldn’t have found a better match. Each time I needed a little extra to add emotion and move the story along Bentley hit it on point. He was easy to contact, easy going and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Katie Walker
Loved 1 Productions

“I highly recommend Bentley Michaels for voice-over projects that require versatility and creativity. He delivered high quality recordings in a timely fashion and was a pleasure to work with.”

Heather K

Project Manager

Princeton University

“I swear I must have been hearing Bentley’s voice in my head when I wrote the dialogue. He really nailed the part! He was very responsive, professional and friendly. Delivered exactly what I wanted. I am putting him in my files as a top VO artist to use again in the future!”

Brandon Kaplan
Commercial Film Director
Kapgun Media

“Bentley is an extraordinary music composer and great person to work with. Anything I needed, he was able to provide and on point. The music he wrote for my film project displayed the right combination of instruments that created an unsettling feeling. He is also versatile in the style of music he can compose, ranging from action to suspense thriller genre. You will not regret working with Bentley.”

Darren Kwan
Bay Boy Film Productions

“Bentley Michaels is an extraordinary vocal talent. He utilizes his familiarity with pop culture, to see the big picture and deliver a vocal experience.”

Nigel Clarke
Masternever and the Flow of Death

“Having worked with Bentley on several projects and seeing his immense talent, I was thrilled to be able to hire him as the narrator for my film 40 Hours. I knew he would deliver exactly what the role required and bring his unique comedic sense to it. He is an asset to any project, I look forward to working with Bentley again.”

Kali Cook
40 Hours
Screened in Best of Fest of LA Comedy Fest 2010

“Bentley was easy to work with and delivered exactly what we needed vocally. I look forward to hiring Bentley again in the future.”

Dylan Kamm
Henry the VIII Productions

“I was in a pinch. I needed quality voice work for my animated film and I didn’t have a lot of time to get it. I connected with Bentley and he swooped in to save the day. He recorded 8 different voices that were very high quality recordings. We worked over the phone while he recorded and he takes direction like a seasoned pro. I’ll be working with him again for sure.”

Andrew Smith
Bhakti Films

“Bentley has worked on three separate pieces for me recently and I am very pleased with the results. He genuinely took the time to learn more about my projects before diving into them. The turnaround time was very quick, and the results were exceptional. He is truly a professional and I plan on working with him in the future. “

Kritika Prasad-Kommuri
Art Director
Academy of Art University

“Bentley is an excellent voice over talent. We were looking everywhere and when I first heard his demo I knew he was the right guy. Delivery was within 48 hours of initial contact. He’s my go to guy for voice over from now on.”

Freddie Sinsua
Deviant Inc

“Bentley is an extraordinary VO artist. He was able to come along in a pinch and bring the character in my film to life. I was beyond amazed at his capabilities.”

Jason Bullock
BackwardsMan Productions

“I first met Bentley through a craigslist ad of all places; I am a director and photographer who was doing a short film at the time, and I needed a gifted actor that could do a dead-on Batman impersonation. Within seconds, I knew that Bentley was the gem I was looking for. To further add, by the time we finished the first read-through, Bentley had practically rewritten the script with his brilliant improvisational skills, earning him a co-writer credit on the project. Over the next few years, we worked on many projects together….in fact, Bentley is so versatile in his talents, that I have not done a single project without him since, even though we now live in different states. Whether you’re looking for a gifted actor, a voice artist, a writer, or even somebody to score your film, Bentley can do it all brilliantly.”

Sasha Shemirani

“When I first heard Bentley Michaels play a song with a live band I heard a song that I wanted to have be the theme and end credits to my movie. After introducing this song to my business partner, it was confirmed that we needed that song for our movie. When we sat down with Bentley to discuss what we wanted, I began to realize the depth that Bentley Michaels had to offer. We discussed how important the soundtrack and score of our movie was to Jeff and myself. Bentley seemed to understand our point and began discussing his abilities to create a score that was unique to our movie and that is where our partnership began. When Jeff and I left that meeting, to discuss the options for an original score for our feature film, we knew Bentley Michaels was the right fit. We began to discuss the film, the ideas began to flow. Bentley Michaels is extremely creative and his ability to bring our thoughts and ideas and capture the essence of the scenes and over all theme of the movie was nothing short of amazing. Bentley Michaels has always been available to meet and discuss the project. With Bentley’s knowledge of music and his understanding how important music is to a film he is definitely the person to go to when you want a score that will take your movie to the next level.”

Abel Martinez, Jr.
Writer/Executive Producer of Lake Noir
Co-Founder of MaSch Productions
President of No Surrender Media Group, No Surrender Clothing

“I’ve worked with Bentley Michaels as an actor and voice-over artist on a number of projects and consider myself very lucky for that. Bentley is multi-talented and hilarious, with a strong work ethic, which made him an asset to every project we worked on. Beyond his raw talent, Bentley’s enthusiasm, creativity, and general gusto made our workplace a much more lively place, which enhanced our productivity. He always shows up ready to go and never complains. I couldn’t possibly recommend Bentley more strongly.”

Matt Perlmutter
Executive Producer
The Ridiculous Department

“When Abel brought a song he had heard and told me he wanted this song for the end credits, I remember thinking, “Abel seems really excited about this guy”. When I heard it I understood why he was excited about Bentley Michaels. When we sat down with Bentley to discuss what we wanted for our film he was as excited as we were to use his song. Bentley surprised us when he began to talk to us about an original score for our feature film Lake Noir. Bentley began discussing what kind of impact having an original score, a discussion both Abel and myself had been having since the beginning of production, it was as if Bentley knew he wanted to score our film. After Abel and I met to talk about our meeting with Bentley, we knew that having Bentley score our film would take our film up a step. Bentley made this process worry free. Bentley had an open line of communication with us. Bentley really took our movie up a notch he interpreted our thoughts and did an amazing job in scoring our movie. We are really blessed to work with an artist that has amazing vision and creativity. Bentley is definitely a great composer and a phenomenal talent.”

Jeff Schneider
Director/Executive Producer of Lake Noir
Co-Founder of MaSch Productions
Director/Writer/Producer at WJD Films