Are you looking for music that will take your project to the next level? Custom music is a great way to do this! Anyone can download from a music library, so why have the same music everyone else does? Bentley’s pieces are 100% custom to you and your project!

Orchestral Reel


Commercial Jingle Reel

Music Video Reel

Didn’t find what you were looking for up top? Well maybe Bentley has something down here that’s a little more specific and up your alley.

Hip Hop U2
Utilizes school kids chanting, electric guitars, electronic drums and bucket drums! Giving this corporate piece a little bit of playground flair!

Looking for some nitty gritty on your soundtrack? A grindhouse style piece could be the way to go!

Has become enormously popular. Being used in advertising and movies continuously for the last few years. Maybe it will work for you?

Classic Sci-Fi Show Intro
Need something a little spooky? Maybe you just need more theremin in your life. Bentley has got you covered with this classic sound.

8-Bit Castle Adventure
If you were a fan of Nintendo or Sega growing up in the 80’s and 90’s you may want this type of music for your next project.

DooWop Game Show Theme
Have you ever thought “I should really have a quartet of snazzy gentlemen sing my ad”? Now you know who to ask!