Full Production

So you’ve got your voice over recorded and you have your music track, but you can’t seem to get it to sound quite right. OR, maybe you’ve just recorded a great song, but you just can’t seem to make it sound like you had envisioned it.

Do you need that big club scene in your movie to come to life? Maybe you need to make it sound like what you recorded in your living room is outdoors.

All of these things and more, are part of Bentley’s Full Production service! Take a listen to some of the great tracks below and then shoot Bentley an email detailing what you need!

This is your classic corporate track with voice over and music made at Bentley’s studio. He did all the heavy lifting and all the client had to do was slide the audio file into their video.
Medal of Honor
This is a heroic PSA for the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Bentley received a VO track and then crafted the music to follow the tone of the copy.


Juanita’s Fine Foods
Bentley was tasked with creating the latest radio commercial for the Northwests biggest tortilla and chip company Juanita’s. They said give it an a spanish feel and make it happy. This is the end result. 
Apple Pie
Tasked with creating a sound a like of the classic hit “Cherry Pie” for a low budget tv commercial, Bentley as a one man band recreated a tasty and funny version of this rock and roll hit. 


Dookie Pies
Is a joke commercial made for a podcast. Drawing on the influence of the old radio serials, Bentley creates a very visual world with just audio.
Blank Cigarettes
Another joke commercial, but this time the production was geared towards making it sound like you were listening to it through an old radio.
Red Carpet Interviews
Bentley creates an entire outdoors red carpet scene with this piece. A podcast had their correspondent “go to” the red carpet to interview celebrities. However that correspondent never actually left the comforts of their living room while recording their questions.